For SaleAre you moving?

“Our daughter had her first baby and we decided to move to B.C. to
join them. My husband and I are active seniors and quite capable of
packing ourselves. But we don’t want to miss a single minute of watching
our grandson grow up. Packing feels like such a waste of time.

We have already done a lot of downsizing, but need help to complete the task and have
our remaining things shipped to our new home in B.C. We sure wish that someone else
could do all the running around involved in closing the sale of our old home.”

“My husband and I have both been dealing with health issues for some time. We realize it is
time to move into a more structured environment. My husband likely needs to be paneled into
a personal care home. We just don’t know yet.

Our children have been so helpful through this time of illness, taking care of the many things
we can no longer do for ourselves. We know they are tired and have families and careers
of their own that are strained by the extra work they constantly do for us. We do not want to
burden our children further, and we need a guide we can trust to help us make the best decision
for all of us.”

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