TestimonialsOwner and managing director Lisa Sinnicks has a 12-year professional background in seniors housing. Her university degrees and career history involved extensive examination of seniors issues, including:

  • physical and emotional health
  • loneliness and isolation in the community
  • the process of change
  • the effects of grief and loss

Certified in Conflict Resolution, Lisa carries a deep
appreciation for the difficulties and complexities
that can occur with a move, whether the move is
by personal choice or not.

The Seniors Moving Company has been founded upon the core commitment of assisting
seniors and their loved ones to make healthy decisions. We honour the emotions, values
and wishes of every client in coordinating the practical details of their move. We know that
trust is earned, and tend to the needs and dignity of our clients as we would for our own
loved ones. You can depend on us to be a positive influence throughout your moving process.


Hi Lisa

Thought I would let you know the cleaning at my Dad's old apartment went well.
I have turned the keys in at the old apartment and that is now over :). When help is
needed to give things to charity I will contact you to see if you can help.
Thanks again for all you and your company has done in giving my Dad
a stress free move. I will always highly recommend your company to anyone
in need. Feel free to use me as a referral if ever needed.

Thanks again!!!

Hi Lisa

Just wanted to drop you a email to let you what a great job your people
did to make my Mom's move a pleasant experience. Everyone was professional,
courteous, polite just great. I will recommend your company to others who may be
in need of help moving. Thanks again.


Hi Lisa

Thank you and your great team for all your help.  It all  went so smoothly,
and went a long way towards helping my mom adjust  to her new life
circumstances.  The apartment looks great and was  ready to live in
on the day... and it  is all cozy and easy to organize. 
You offer a great service!


Hi Lisa

Thank-you Lisa for your fast and efficient assistance with this move.
You made an overwhelming task a walk in the park.

Sincerely Susan

Hi Lisa.

We would like to thank you again for the professional service. It was a pleasure to work
with the girls! After one week we're almost settled and feel already at home.

Vera & Walter

Dear Lisa,

When faced with the daunting task of having to sort and pack my Mom's house after her
lengthy illness and death late this past summer, my husband Steve and I didn't have
any idea how to attack the situation. We lived 1500 miles away and I was the only child,
with no siblings, so there was no friend or family help to call on. During a phone
conversation, a close friend advised me to call several companies to get estimates
on the cost of hiring packers, and to feel out the attitude of those with readily available staff.

Of those we spoke with, Senior's Moving was by far the most understanding and the
most flexible. It was clear that Lisa immediately appreciated the problems of sorting
out so many years of memories in our emotional state, and never treated my Mother's
things as just "stuff" or "work". Lisa and her staff handled everything they touched
with as much care a they would have their own belongings.

My husband and I thoroughly trusted Lisa and her excellent group of staff to move through
the house to help us sort and pack without any worries or uneasiness. And that is a lot to
say when the situation was a stressful as ours was, with the addition of a time constraint
to have the house empty for a real estate closing.

Lisa not only supervised and lead the packing crew, connected us with great movers,
but also worked as my co-ordinator the day of the move, since my husband and I were so
worn out both physically and mentally, we could never have managed on our own.
Lisa did everything the way I asked for it to be done, and also supervised the final
cleaning, to make sure the house looked wonderful for the new owners.

My husband Steve and I would recommend that anyone faced with an emotional and
difficult estate situation, engage Senior's Moving. Lisa's expertise and connections,
array of services, efficient packing team, and housecleaning will lead to the best
outcome when faced with such a daunting task.

Georgina Brown and Steve Branch

Most elderly people do not adapt well to change and they can feel especially vulnerable
if they have to move out of their own home and into a newer, smaller place. They are faced
with the reality of leaving a lifetime of memories, and objects they've become attached to
over the years. For the family, it's especially stressful because you feel like your hands are
tied and sometimes illness plays a role as well. In our family, we learned that my grandfather
was very ill at the same time as both my grandparents had sold their house.

Lisa and her team were a life raft in a time of chaos. Not only were they extremely organized
and professional, but Lisa 's compassion for my grandparents was genuine and her respect
for their feelings regarding this change was invaluable. I highly recommend Lisa and her
team. They turned what could have been a terribly sad and stressful time for our family into
a time for us to come together without the worry of my grandparents move.

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you so much for helping my mother with her move to
The Waverly. We were very overwhelmed and dealing with a lot at the time. Your guidance
and coordination was exactly what we needed. Mom is very happy and we are all very
relieved. With many thanks from our entire family. THANK YOU, LISA! I could not have
done this without you. Packing, organizing and unpacking was great, but the best was going
back to my old house and cleaning it up for the new owners. I simply would not have
had the energy to do that task.

Lisa was a God-send to us. A difficult move at a difficult time in our lives and the Seniors
Moving Company met our every need, from planning, packing, timely delivery and
unpacking, setting up, right down to clean sheets on the bed. Lisa made suggestions
and arranged the new unit with careful consideration for my brother's needs, disabilities
and lifestyle, with excellent results. Lisa and her team advised about storage, sorted
possessions, held our hands and were constantly available for help, even well after the move.
It is difficult to imagine another company matching what they offer. We would recommend
the inclusive, efficient, friendly and sensitive services of the Seniors Moving Company
most highly.

Hi Lisa!

I have just arrived at my new home and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Now that we are
here and I have had time to think... I just have to say you are quite a marvel. I am really
appreciative of all the work that you have done. I am so impressed how you organized my
move, found me amazing movers to move my very large pieces, packed the things that I
needed packed and provided me with a shoulder to cry on. With the amount of change I was
about to experience, anything that I decided that needed to make my move smoother, you
were able to provide. You were able to find temporary storage for me, get me a better price
on the cost of my move, oversee the packing of my home into a truck, and then, once my
old life was off to somewhere new, you tied up the loose ends once I was gone.

I really appreciate that you were able to host a content sale for the remaining items I was
not able to take and then that you made sure that the house was cleaned. I received an
email from the purchasers of our home and they said they were so happy that they could
move right into a clean home. So again thanks for doing such a great job... your new business
and new customers will be lucky to have you. Kudos.

Hi Lisa,

I want to express my heart felt thanks for you and your team's efforts in making my
mom's move a smooth one. Feedback from my mom, brother and sister-in-law
were all super positive. Hum....caring movers....what a concept. I think you've carved
yourself out a great niche market.

You had us convinced from the first visit that your company was the one to go with.
Even though the price was higher than the competition we felt we'd be getting value
for the money. You proved us right.

The choice we had to make in the end was....just a move of things....or a caring move
focused on people, valued possessions, choices and joint participation. Thankfully we
went with the latter.

We'll definitely recommend you as opportunity presents itself.

Hum.....maybe there's a niche market here in San Antonio I can tap into!! :)

Best regards,

Ray Blanchette

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