The Seniors Moving Company

We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals who specialize in relocating seniors and assisting estate executors with compassion and respect. We maintain a solid and current knowledge of the various seniors housing options and utilize efficient strategies for any type of relocation scenario.

You can depend on us to be to be a positive influence throughout your moving process.

The Seniors Moving Company can ⮕

Provide practical solutions for downsizing, and assist with any or all of the work.

Organize, pack and move your belongings to your new home.

Assist in unpacking and setting up in your new home.

Distribution of remaining and unwanted items.

Make transition to personal care as easy as possible for everyone.

Prepare a former home for the real estate market or tenants.

Liaise with executor and/or lawyer in your absence.

Assist in carrying out the wishes of the will.

Our Team

Lisa Sinnicks

Owner and Managing Director

Lisa was born and raised in Niagara Falls and upon graduating from high school left for Thunder Bay, Ontario to attend Lakehead University. It was there that she met her husband and a few years later, settled in Winnipeg. Owner and managing director of The Seniors Moving Company, Lisa has a 25 year professional background in seniors housing and has been actively involved in agencies and councils mandated to address issues concerning older adults. Her career history involves extensive examination of topics such as physical and emotional health, mediation and conflict resolution, loneliness and isolation in the community, the process of change and transition and the effects of grief and loss.

Mother of 3, avid music lover, mildly fanatical sports enthusiast, Lisa remains busy as the Performer Transportation Coordinator for the Winnipeg Folk Festival for many years, active in the Riverview community and injects her volunteer leadership into any and all events that come to Winnipeg, and that will have her. Lisa is also a long standing board member of the South Winnipeg Seniors Resource Council and member of the Winnipeg Businesses and Organizations Supporting Seniors.

Jaymie Mackenzie

Project Manager

Jaymie has been working with The Seniors Moving Company since 2013. As project manager, Jaymie runs our moves and sees them through beginning to end – ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Her kind and calm demeanor helps her coordinate between packers, movers, and clients.

When Jaymie isn’t organizing and estimating jobs, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her family and her new poodle puppy named Clover. You can’t phase Jaymie, she is the steady force that keeps this company going.

Trevor Johnson

Packing Specialist

Trevor is a dedicated family man, lifelong Blue Bomber fan, and avid reader who values kindness, clear communication and a good sense of humour. His volunteer experience includes five years as the editor of his local community center newsletter and five-plus years as a board member for the Manitoba Wheelchair Sports Association.

Born and raised in Thompson, Manitoba, he moved to Winnipeg in 1991. Trevor enjoys a steady work pace, and he takes pride in helping clients transition through what can be a stressful moving process.


Packing Specialist

Debbie works with The Seniors Moving Company on a part-time basis, she absolutely loves working with the very caring and well-organized staff of this community-oriented business. For the past 30 years she has owned and operated an ag-business. Having always been energetic and respecting good work ethic, she appreciates working with like-minded people.

In her spare time she enjoys playing cards, gardening, curling, yoga, camping, traveling, quilting and most of all spending time with grandchildren.

Wendy Martens

Packing Specialist

Wendy started with The Seniors Moving Company in September of 2021. She is a very efficient worker that always has a positive outlook. She is calm under pressure and brings the muscle and laughter to any job.

She is dedicated to working out at the gym and lives for coffee and chocolate. Her life goal is to leave as small of a carbon footprint as she can.


I can tell you that I received extremely good service for the money. I was frankly astounded y the efficiency, speed, care, and simple strength demonstrated by your "moving ladies"- a quick look-around, making sure what was moving and what was not, and then it ended up safely boxed and ready to be moved.

On the following day, nothing was required of me until the truck was unloaded on schedule. And then your ladies took over and not just unloaded the boxes, but organized my apartment into a comfortable living space with a specific place for every single thing. I have been here for over a week now and I now know where everything is and I have yet to think of some more appropriate location for anything- largely because there just isn't one.

I have moved a lot during my life, and this involved three continents and I always associate "moving" with utter chaos, but not now. I have now that chaos turned into essentially a work of art- a ballet, with Jaymie as the head ballerina. Thank you very much for your talented efforts.


You had us convinced from the first visit that your company was the one to go with. Even though the price was higher than the competition we felt we'd be getting value for the money. You proved us right.

I really appreciate that you were able to pack and donate the remaining items I was not able to take and then that you made sure that the house was cleaned. I received an email from the purchasers of our home and they said they were so happy that they could move right into a clean home. So again, thanks for doing such a great job.

We were very overwhelmed and dealing with a lot at the time. Your guidance and coordination was exactly what we needed. Mom is very happy, and we are all very relieved. With many thanks from our entire family. THANK YOU, LISA!

Lisa and her team were a life raft in a time of chaos. Not only were they extremely organized and professional, but Lisa 's compassion for my grandparents was genuine and her respect for their feelings regarding this change was invaluable.

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