Quick Tips for Will and Estates

Death is a difficult topic to even ponder about, although it will inevitably happen to us all. One aspect of dying is what will happen to my things once I pass?    Only 21% of people aged 65 or older have wills and power of attorney in...

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The Benefits of Seniors Owning Pets

Anyone who has owned a pet understands and will vouch for how therapeutic they are. Getting older often coincides with fewer interactions with others, due to lack of mobility, cognitive ability, health issues or a number of other reasons. Owning...

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Signs Of Elder Abuse


  Children and seniors are the most at risk demographics to be victims of abuse. The prevalence for elder abuse in Canada is 7.5%, meaning 695,248 older Canadians are victims of abuse every year which is absolutely unacceptable.    ...

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A Day In The Life Of A Packer

Being a packer for a moving service is quite an unconventional job, each day is a new location with new clients and new things to pack. Here’s a glimpse of what a usual work day looks like for us!   7:00 – Wake up, have a cup of...

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