Moving as Older Adults – Where and Why?

There are not many people who look forward to moving, especially downsizing and moving as older adults.  It is often a difficult decision, and can be an even more daunting task without help, support and a plan.  There is help available!

I often speak with older adults who are thinking about a move, weighing the options or trying to decide where their next home will be.  There are a few considerations I find important to discuss in the initial stages; where and why.  This may seem obvious, but consciously considering these two questions is important.

Determining where to move is a good way to start the decision making process and there are many options.  Are you looking to simplify your lifestyle?  Are you looking to reinvest the proceeds of a house sale or to simply rent?  Are you a person who likes to socialize and join new groups, or are you wanting a more independent living situation?  There are many options in seniors housing today.  Condo living, Co-ops, 55+ apartments and Assisted Living are the most popular.  Exploring the options and buildings that fit your lifestyle are key first steps to finding your next home.  It is important to visit places you are interested in, talk to the staff and management about what it’s like to live there, walk around and get a feel for what it would be like to be a full time resident or owner.  Often there are waiting lists, so it’s important to start doing your homework well in advance of when you would like to move.

The thought of downsizing from a home, often a family home where you have made memories, raised children, hosted holidays and been a part of a neighbourhood community, is difficult.  There really is no getting around the feeling that you will miss what you have grown so accustomed to, however, there are many positives that come along with moving.  A simpler and safer lifestyle is the greatest.  As we age, the tasks of maintaining a house and property become more challenging.  The layout of most homes usually involve stairs, which also become challenging as we age.  With a move into a condo, apartment or assisted living, these challenges are removed, thereby allowing for more peace of mind and a freeing up of daily, weekly and seasonal tasks of maintenance and upkeep.  The risk of stairs is also often eliminated, thereby living in a safer environment.  I speak with many people who also find living in their family home can become isolating and sometimes lonely as the years pass.  Choosing a housing option where you have new neighbours closer, events and programs that are easily accessible and staff who are friendly and helpful is a great way to become revitalized and increase quality of life.  These are important aspects of remaining healthy, physically and emotionally.

If the thought of downsizing and moving is daunting and overwhelming, there is help available and we would look forward to setting up a meeting to share our years of experience with you.

Lisa Sinnicks

Owner, The Seniors Moving Company