“We have lived in our home for 42 years where we raised our 3 children. We have lived, laughed and cried with our family and friends in our wonderful home. Our greatest joys and memories have happened within these walls.

Our children now have families of their own, busy lives and careers. We spend most of our family time at their homes now and find ourselves busy with an active retirement. Our home is now too big for just us two and it’s taking up more of our time than we would like. 

The thought of moving into a smaller space is overwhelming. We have procrastinated for too long already because we don’t know where to start! We have items we would like to give to our children, grandchildren, friends and charities and things we just don’t know what to do with! There are many repairs that would need to be done in our home before we could even consider selling it.”

The reality of moving from a larger living space to a smaller one is challenging and can be overwhelming.  Moving from a family home of 30, 40 or 50 years is a difficult task.   We have been assisting our clients and helping to downsize and make good decisions for many years.  We have proven strategies to maximize space in a useful and efficient way while maintaining the beauty and important personal touches to make sure the new space is a home.