Environmentally Conscious Moving Solutions

The effects human behaviour has had on Earth’s natural environment are enormous and as a company we do our best to lessen the negative environmental impacts. When relocating the last thought on a person’s mind is “how am I impacting the world?” So let us worry about that and make your transition a conscious one. We strive to lessen the impacts of our company in numerous ways but most importantly we focus on the reuse, reduce, recycle mantra of working ethically for our planet.


We strive to reuse our supplies as many times as possible without compromising quality. By reusing our cardboard boxes we are able to invoice clients lower supply fees as well as feel good about our environmental impacts. Another item we consciously reuse is our 100% recycled packaging paper. We wrap each fragile item in the paper and whilst unpacking we set aside the used paper and keep it for other jobs. 

Aside from our packing products we also strive to maintain our environmentally conscious attitude regarding unwanted items. Over the years we have accumulated a number of donation and charity contacts which enables us to ensure your items will help someone in need rather than being dumped in the landfill. 

Insider Tip: If you’re moving and looking for reused packaging supplies; ask businesses for their used boxes, many just throw them in the recycling bin and will be more than happy for you to take them off their hands. Use old newspapers to wrap fragile items and viola, you have recycled and low cost supplies!


Consciously reducing the amount of supplies needed is important to us. For many jobs we use a combination of recycled cardboard as well as reusable plastic moving boxes. These green boxes are dropped off, filled with belongings, moved and unpacked then swiftly picked up and sanitized to be ready to use again! Numerous businesses offer these rental boxes and we highly recommend them!


As with everything, at some point things cannot be used any longer. When it’s the end of the item’s life we do our best to ensure it gets properly recycled. We offer many services for niche-recycling of products that normally wouldn’t be easy to recycle:


  • Hazard waste removal: products that cannot just be thrown in the landfill due to them leaching into our soils.
  • Scrap metal for metal items to be melted and made into something else. 
  • Pharmaceuticals for medication that could be detrimental if found by children and animals or ending up in our local runoff water.


As well as our own supplies, we discard things as consciously as possible to protect our beautiful planet! Working primarily with seniors we understand the importance of intergenerational relationships and we plan to keep the Earth as beautiful and healthy for as long as we can!