How to Stay Active Through Aging

Keeping fit has numerous benefits, aging often makes it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. Aches, pains, low mobility and sometimes even injury creates the perfect storm to stay sedentary. Yet a sedentary lifestyle has been proven to worsen or even create new health issues, it’s a detrimental and ironic cycle. So how do we keep older adults active? The first option is to simply walk. Taking strolls around at a comfortable pace is a great low impact form of exercise. But what if walking is not an option? Don’t let lack of mobility stop you! A great option is working out the upper body. A great low cost and easy upper body workout is to grab a can of food or a water bottle and do some arm lifts. 


Another great option is to sign up for a membership at a recreation centre with a pool! Pools are low impact and cushion the joints. Often such places hold senior discounts and have specialized classes like chair yoga or other senior friendly activities. Not only are these centres great for your body but the social interaction and change of environment keeps your brain healthy as well.


Here’s a quick 20 minute workout you can do at home if a recreation centre isn’t an option! 



Health is important, especially throughout the later stages in life, so keep you and your loved ones in motion!