Why We Do What We Do


Why does a company like ours exist? People are living longer than ever, with the aid of science, healthcare and technology we have lengthened human experience. As lives get longer, needs become bounteous. As our Managing Director, Lisa Sinnicks, worked in the Manitoba Housing sector, she became aware of the specific needs seniors have during relocation. 


Moving is commonly already a stressful and exhausting event. Attempting to organize an entire residence, pack up all belongings, coordinate with hired movers, subsequently get to the new residence and unpack is much too large of a job for one person, not even considering someone with the cognitive or physical limitations that older people often have. 


Witnessing many moves go “haywire” and how it affected the confidence of the moving client was the driving force when creating this niche company. Older people are often taken advantage of, or the victim of fraud and abuse. Our goal is to provide a client-based service, meeting the different needs of each client, whilst being aware of the compassion needed during these stressful and difficult times. 


The emphasis our company places on being client based creates an environment where we put customers first, profits second. Taking care and helping older adults meet their relocation goals is why we come to work everyday. Helping them gain confidence and feel comfortable in their new space is the ultimate goal. 


This is an industry that will never cease to exist, on the other hand, it’s also an industry that has a reputation that may be lacking. Our goal is to separate ourselves from the “norm” by seeing clients as part of our family, treating them with the utmost respect, compassion and patience. 


After 11 years in this business, we have been witness to thousands of moves. We have learned the ins and outs of this industry. Compiling an extensive list of reputable contacts, we can guarantee our clients are well taken care of, and happy with our service. 


What are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to explore the options!