The Positives of Aging

Aging, it happens to everyone. The inevitably of getting older is an interesting concept to think about. Why do we age? Well that is the age old question. What is this process? and how do we accept it?

Today’s culture has ingrained to our brains how aging is bad and negative. What about the benefits of getting older?


  • Surprising, but seniors are among the happiest demographics, this could be a result of the wisdom and a sense of security that comes with aging. 
  • Older people have more time to spend with loved ones. Free time opens up opportunities to learn a new skill, take up hobbies and just enjoy life in general.  
  • Time gained during retirement is an excellent opportunity to pursue dreams and passions that you may have put on hold.  
  • Seniors are the most politically involved demographic, they also volunteer at higher rates than other age groups. 
  • Older adults have superior empathetic and social abilities when compared to younger generations. 


A few positive aspects of aging! Don’t fall victim to the stigma of getting older, it’s actually an exciting time, filled with opportunity.


What is your favourite thing about growing old? Share your thoughts in the comments!