B.O.S.S – Businesses and Organizations Supporting Seniors

The Seniors Moving Company is a proud member of the Businesses and Organizations Supporting Seniors (B.O.S.S), in Winnipeg, which is a likeminded group of people who are dedicated to making seniors lives easier while maintaining an unparalleled quality of service offered at a fair price, overall enriching the lives of seniors through business and support.

Due to the nature of our company as well as our passion for the older community, we sought out relationships with businesses who share our philosophy here in the greater Winnipeg area. I mean, we can’t be the only ones focused and dedicated to the senior demographic, right?

During our time being involved with this niche group, we have learned and shared crucial information about senior-specific needs and identified gaps in services and support, while also creating organic and personal relationships with other business owners.

B.O.S.S members meet once a week to share the best practices with respect to senior issues, spread knowledge and share the individual experiences we have had. We absolutely cherish these relationships and truly believe they have made us a better client centered business.

Other members of B.O.S.S include:

Brightwater Living, Jeff Brown (Realtor), Lisa Reid Audiology, Manitoba Association of Senior Centers, Missing Pieces, Andrew Torbiak (Myers LLP – Wills, Estate and Real Estate law), Parkinsons Canada, Physio at Home, Renew Mobility, Richard Rosin Funeral Director, Right at Home, Tax Retrieval Services, The Medicine Shoppe (Osborne St), The Travelling Guardian, TONS (Transportation Options Network for Seniors), Victoria Lifeline, Your Style Financial, to name a few.

Each of these businesses and organizations adhere to a similar ‘Seniors First’ identity and we encourage you to touch base with any of these folks and we can vouch for them as being top-tier and great to work with!

Together, we plan on navigating the ever-changing and important needs of seniors. Spreading knowledge, sharing ideas and opinions helps us unify and learn from each other. The expression “it takes a village to raise a child” fully omits the other end of the spectrum. We believe it also takes a community to care for our older population; coming together makes us a better resource and society as a whole.

Enriching the lives of older adults as a community one day at a time, the B.O.S.S organization hopes to continue to make impactful business experiences for the senior demographic.

Websites of B.O.S.S businesses: