Our COVID-19 Protocols

As the ongoing pandemic worsens and Winnipeg is moved to red level on the pandemic response colour code, we are implementing extra precautions to protect our staff and clientele.

It is a stressful and difficult time for everyone and, it is also an important time. This is the moment we can change the course of this second wave of COVID-19. The choices businesses, people and the government make right now are crucial and we want to make positive steps to help curb the spread.

We recently held a staff meeting via Zoom to decide how we are going to manage the increased provincial regulations as well as how we, as a team, are going to implement our own safety procedures. We hope to fulfill our commitments but also, it is crucial that we have little contact with our clientele as possible. We work specifically with the most vulnerable to this illness and in our eyes there is no such thing as being too cautious.

Constant mask wearing has been, and will be heavily implemented during our jobs for our staff and our movers. The use of sanitary gloves is also something we do, ensuring no cross contamination.  Face shields have also now become part of our PPE protocol in certain buildings.

Our staff do not carpool or come in close contact with each other. Trying to maintain physical distancing is sometimes hard during the nature of our work, but we do our best to stay 6 feet apart from each other and most importantly the client at all times.

Another option is how we have been doing 100% socially distanced jobs. The client isn’t at the residence and provides a list of things to be done. Although no contact jobs are harder to navigate and organize, we see it as worth the extra work because this is the safest.

Constant hand washing and sanitization is a MUST! Saving lives is worth dry hands! All of our staff have a large supply of sanitizer and PPE.

Lastly, we as a company communicate and keep a watchful eye on the ever changing numbers and outbreaks. We will making decisions on working in personal care homes on a case by case basis, and will unfortunately not be able to work at any buildings with known COVID-19 outbreaks.  Our staff and their families are as important to us as our clients, and for the safety of all, we will postpone work in these identified sites.

These are uncertain and challenging times for everyone, especially older adults and we are trying our best to here for you.

Our mantra is always people first and business second and the pandemic has really solidified these values.