“My mother recently passed away, and my 96 year old father’s health is declining rapidly. I spend much more time with him now, as he is  no longer able to live independently. It’s a difficult time. There is a room ready for him in a personal care home, and I need to move him in as soon as possible. The home is very nice, but the space for his personal belonging is very limited.
I am his Power of Attorney and Executor, but I would rather be spending precious quality time with my Dad than packing and moving his belongings.”

Estate Services

“My Father recently passed away. My brother and I have been back in Winnipeg ever since we learned that his health was rapidly declining. We are currently arranging his funeral and are totally at a loss as to how we’ll take care of  his property and home. It is impossible for either one of us to remain in the city to deal with the estate matters as we both have families and jobs to return to. There are some items he has gifted in his will, but everything else will need to be sold or given away.”