A Day In The Life Of A Packer

Being a packer for a moving service is quite an unconventional job, each day is a new location with new clients and new things to pack. Here’s a glimpse of what a usual work day looks like for us!


7:00 – Wake up, have a cup of coffee, get ready and do normal “morning” things. 


8:30/9:30 – Depending on individual client circumstances our start times vary. 


9:45 – After bringing all our supplies in, we take time to go through the residence with the client again to confirm what items are being moved, also what items are being disposed of so we can make sure everything is precise and done correctly! 


10:00 – We start carefully packing, strategically beginning with fragile items to ensure there is no accidental breakage. 


12:00/1:00 – We break for lunch or on move days this is when we usually head to the new residence.


1:00 – We get back to packing! On move days we will be directing our movers, making sure the placement of furniture is exactly how the client envisioned it, whilst starting to unpack. 


3:00/5:00 – This is when our day usually “wraps up” (pun-intended). At this point we load up our supplies and do a final walk through of the new space with the client, confirming everything is where it should be and pointing out the location of important items like medication and paperwork we may have tucked away. 


Working as a packer for the last 9 years has taught me numerous life skills, it’s also opened my eyes to the importance of proper senior care. Being witness to many different circumstances has taught me compassion and understanding for older folk, these people have literally built our beautiful country and contributed to raising us, directly or indirectly and it feels good to give back. Getting older is challenging and many clients don’t have family to help during these stressful times, being able to help them feel empowered is the best part of this job. It’s a total labour of love. I really enjoy the physical aspect of the job, keeping busy, running around, witnessing the new residence come together is very satisfying. It’s not the job for everyone but it’s definitely the job for me.