A Movers Dream – Tips To Save Time and Money

Are you moving and wanting to save as much money, time, and stress as possible? If yes then keep reading for some important tips! Time is money on a moving job because commonly you pay per hour. The less time the move takes = less money out of your pocket, so it’s good to have things ready to go when the movers show up. If you reside in a condo or apartment with an elevator verify that you have booked the elevator and that the wall covering blankets have been put in place by maintenance. This assures you’re not paying the movers to stand around.


A great way to start is by making sure all boxes are packed, labeled and closed properly. This is important as they will be first loaded on the truck in order to get ample space for when carrying out pieces of furniture. 


The next element that makes things fast and easy would be to check all the furniture with drawers, taking out hard and heavy items that could either break or damage the furniture while tossing around inside. You can either empty the drawers completely or stuff them with linens to secure the loose items inside and prevent them from bumping around. 


Now that the boxes are being carried out and all your drawers are secure, focus on lamps. Lamps are usually breakable, awkward to pack in a box and the shades are easily damaged so remove the shade and tape up cord. If it’s a smaller lamp place it in a box surrounded by pillows from your bed or couch, if it’s a floor lamp let the movers take it and blanket it for you. 

If you’re able bodied and willing, ask the movers for their shrink wrap and whilst they move the rest of the boxes out; wrap all drawered furniture with shrink wrap for them, saving time and money. 


Now all the boxes have left the residence and been stacked on the truck, it’s time for them to load the furniture. It’s best not to rush this step because you don’t want any walls being nicked or furniture being damaged.

While the movers are loading the final pieces take a box (we recommend a plastic bin actually) and empty your fridge and freezer. You MUST do this at the end because so the perishable food items should be last on the truck and first off. 

Violia! You have efficiently loaded the truck.